Duke Nukem – Besuch im Strip-Lokal

Die Webseite ripten.com hat ein Fanvideo mit der Bezeichnung The Duke – Fate of Humanity online gestellt. Das Video ist ein Fanprojekt und zeigt unseren Helden Duke Nukem in einem Strip-Lokal.

Hier ein kleines Kommentar der Filmemacher:
The Duke – Fate of Humanity is a nod towards the toughest bad-ass of all time. A few minute short about the beginning of an Alien invasion and some heroic, yet questionable motives…

Done by Duke fans to Duke fans as homage to his legacy and as appreciation towards Gearbox for bringing him back!

Special thanks to Mauri for chipping in as the voice of Duke at the end! He had tons of hilarious material but at the end we had to go with the classic phrase 🙂

Shot in one day with the Red One Camera.


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